Fall 2018 Letter from the Editor


Dear Reader,

The magazine before you is merely the latest edition of a publication grounded in a centuries old history of origi- nal Georgetown literature and art. It is a history rich in both tradition and evolution; while we continue to uphold the original mission of inspiring creativity in our community, we are ever changing. In only the past few years, we have transitioned from a yearly publication to a biannual one, we have updated our platform and appearance, and for a time we even considered changing our name. What is “the anthem,” anyway?

The meaning of our name confounds us all, but over the course of my time here, from small freshman staff member to (still small) Editor-in-Chief, I have developed a newfound appreciation for its ambiguity and have come closer to find- ing an answer. It lies in the worn pages of past magazines aging in the dusty, forlorn boxes of our dear old Leavey office. It is passed down year after year with the arrival of a new staff and the graduation of the old. It lives in our voices, our expression, our ideas. And somewhere, beneath the hustle and bustle of Georgetown, it grows in the hearts of our student body and bridges the gap between our isolated lives and seemingly disparate social groups. I believe “the anthem,” while forever a mystery, is the proud and enduring tradition of storytelling, without which our magazine could not exist.

Stories empower us to create meaning out of our expe- riences, to own our narrative, and shape how others see our world. Art then has the power to convey our stories in ways that transcend logic, reason, and plain speech, opening up new avenues for understanding and building connec- tions. As you will discover in reading this magazine, some stories can only be told through creative forms, surfacing in between the broken lines of poetry, in the exposed light of a photograph, in the contours of a painting, in humor and horror, or even in the details of an online cheesecake recipe.

At the end of the day, The Anthem is our song, and this magazine, a celebration of our stories. I thank the authors and artists who have offered to share their stories here and everyone who has helped make this magazine possible. The Anthem is our gift to you.


Courtney Lee


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