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A Happy Guy

A Happy Guy by Juliana Albuquerque Winner of the 2018 Halloween Contest   We meet at a party at Henle, as is the case with most modern Hoya romances. Unbeknownst to us, said party is about to be broken up … Read More


Selene by Fiona Kennedy Winner of The Anthem’s 2018 Valentine’s Day Contest   Though I should live to see a thousand years, I would not dare to chase the night with day But every moon would mark my vigil here– … Read More

The Harvestman

The Harvestman by Karena Landler & Danielle Devillier   Town history was about the only part of the local library that the boarding school down the road hadn’t quietly bought up and siphoned away into their private halls. She and … Read More

Nights With Briana

Nights With Briana by Jubilee Johnson -winner of The Anthem‘s Valentine’s Day contest-   Because there aren’t enough black girls named Briana, that’s exactly the name her mother chose. Briana, who has faint eyebrows that she has to draw on every … Read More

The Carayas Worm

The Carayas Worm by Austin Stollhaus -winner of The Anthem‘s Halloween contest-   “Do you know what the Carayas Worm is?” The doctor doesn’t look at you as he asks that question. He scratches at the beard on his chin and … Read More