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Caramel Cheesecake and Apple Rosettes

Caramel Cheesecake and Apple Rosettes by Andrew Sedlack   (1) Preheat the oven to 350◦F. Open it. Let the warm air flush across your face like embarrassment. This is how good embarrassment is supposed to feel. Be embarrassed that you’re … Read More

Fried Chicken and Real Joy

Fried Chicken and Real Joy by Jubilee Johnson   Somehow, the fried chicken that Joy made was sweet. And it tasted good—was hot. It was exactly what I wanted at this odd hour of the night while Joy was at … Read More

You Won’t Find This in Leo’s

You Won’t Find This in Leo’s by Anjali Britto   Room inspections are in a week. And, my RA would not approve. I’m sure she wouldn’t. Unless I can come up with something. But, I’ll leave that as a last … Read More

Re: the midnight game

Re: the midnight game by Danielle Devillier & Karena Landler   Subject: ATTENTION NEW STUDENTS: DO NOT DISREGARD To: undisclosed-recipients Reply-to: announcements@georgetown.edu   YOU ARE NOT SAFE ON CAMPUS.   Every student at Georgetown, at some point, will play the … Read More


Spot by Bianca Berman   It wasn’t so much the spot itself that bothered him, but rather the thought of it. Even when he wasn’t looking at it, he could almost feel its presence in the room. A black blot … Read More

Analysis of Birdman at 3:36am

Analysis of Birdman at 3:36am by Andrew Sedlack   The drapes are bloody and I can’t take them down. I can’t take the drapes down because then people would see that the walls and floor and the big squishy armchair … Read More


Cosmogony by Sasha Jovanovski            The thing they don’t tell you in driver’s ed is that 94-east from Ann Arbor has no overhead lights, so when you’re driving at night and there’s no one behind you … Read More

Skin Under

Skin Under by Gabriela Barerra   The summer before I started college I worked at a firm called Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants. I remember my exit interview to be unorthodox, uncomfortable, different. Michael, who wasn’t the boss but did … Read More


Icebreaker by Christopher Cassidy   INT. COMMUNITY CENTER – EVENING A group of people sit around a table at a community center. DENISE Good evening, everyone! Welcome to the first-ever meeting of the Bucks County community service task force. Thank … Read More


Sardines by Don Dillon         In here, said Tony. Now! My mouth bone dry. Keep rolling my tongue but nothing.      That’s Cindy Barrett’s elbow pressed against my cheek. Never liked her much, ‘stuck up Cindy’ with her tight hair and … Read More

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