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Letter of Resignation

Letter of Resignation by Mary-Cecile Gayoso   Dear Management,         I apologize for addressing this to “Management”. I am not sure who will read this, Randall or Cynthia or Charlotte. I’d address it to someone directly, but … Read More

What Love Is

What Love Is by Julia Bucholz   We meet at my lowest, the desperation of my decision thrumming in time with my hangover. The recruitment station is clean, but not much else can be said for it. It’s one of … Read More

Incident Report Form

Incident Report Form by Madeline Taub   Incident Report Form Completed by Police within 2 hours of incident Location: 2100 Block, Library Lane        Officer Name: Madeline Taub             Date of Incident: Saturday, … Read More

The Harvestman

The Harvestman by Karena Landler & Danielle Devillier   Town history was about the only part of the local library that the boarding school down the road hadn’t quietly bought up and siphoned away into their private halls. She and … Read More


No by Kitra Katz   Roya’s first word was “no.” Unlike the other children in the village, Roya’s first syllable seemed to hold meaning. There was something in her small brown eyes; was it fear? Pain? Or perhaps it was … Read More

Punk’s Dead

Punk’s Dead by Corrina Di Pirro   The notes cascade through a mass of people, bouncing in and out of eager, waiting ears. Each new beat reverberates from the amps and rumbles in the ground, shaking the bones of every … Read More

Shopper Bag

Shopper Bag by Kaylar Danav   s h o p p e r  b a g  The gingered Mexican sunlight deliberately sweetened the orange oils on the rind. Then, it swooped down on the Japanese brasserie’s terrace. My straight, edgy … Read More

Nights With Briana

Nights With Briana by Jubilee Johnson -winner of The Anthem‘s Valentine’s Day contest-   Because there aren’t enough black girls named Briana, that’s exactly the name her mother chose. Briana, who has faint eyebrows that she has to draw on every … Read More


Ultraviolet by Margo Poundstone   Look up. You can see your reflection in the window. Your straightened, synthetic hair matches in sheen and shade the synthetic coffee beans in the dispenser. You wear a navy peacoat and tan leather boots … Read More

The Carayas Worm

The Carayas Worm by Austin Stollhaus -winner of The Anthem‘s Halloween contest-   “Do you know what the Carayas Worm is?” The doctor doesn’t look at you as he asks that question. He scratches at the beard on his chin and … Read More

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