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Love to All

Love to All by Margaret Anne Rowe   “So you’re happy, then?” he said at last, staring into his coffee. “Sure am,” Simone said. “Nico is great. It was a long time coming and I didn’t think I’d find anyone … Read More


Subtexting by Alex Mitchell   Ted texted Laura at exactly 7:21 PM the evening after they met. This differed from his regular collegiate routine. Typically, a Sunday night text was considered near-suicide. It would mandate three days of casual back … Read More

A Scene on the Seine

by Brian Fritzsche “Janine says you’ve been to France,” the man said, leaning against the apartment wall. The woman looked over her shoulder, unsure whether he was addressing her or one of the other people at the party. “Yes, twice,” … Read More

Zwei Menschen

by Brian Fritzsche “Jake?” I heard a voice ask. I turned around with a cigarette in my mouth. I bought it to be more European. It was my third day in Trier, Germany. In college, I had spent a semester … Read More

Ghosts in the Machine

by Mac Dineen The ghost glides across the floor, its luminescent claws hovering over the linoleum. Mike, running as fast as his fat legs can carry him, circles around the dining room table and cuts back to the living room. … Read More


by Juan Golcaves Seize juin deux mil treize, au départ de Paris — Gare de Lyon The scene: One of farewell in a train station Couples of all kinds are anxiously waiting in front of the doors of the convoy, … Read More

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