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incident report

incident report by Luke Adams   it’s a cold language with short sentences and clear messaging but death is like that it gets the message across

My Longest Relationship

My Longest Relationship by Karena Landler & Danielle Devillier   You were there When I woke in the morning; When I was so sure That you would go.   I remember you Sweeter than you are, Pure honey on my … Read More


Carbon by Emily Arnold   In a world of falling ash, I ask you to cover your left arm with the remains of a tree. carbon forms marching off into the night a mission of long-forgotten starlight stored away in … Read More

To play in the yard in Oświęcim

To play in the yard in Oświęcim by Andrew Sedlack   Do not let the mud-room door slam; Do not watch the barrack-board walls around it rattle in the aftermath; Do not notice the obvious spots of woodfill where the … Read More

Blue Memory

Blue Memory by Christopher Stein   They laid me in a tumble of stones on a hill shrieking every morning with the rush of the air through the rocks, and it was a hundred years before my brittle bones, yellow … Read More

From a crossing below an alpine pass.

From a crossing below an alpine pass. by Robert Feiler   Aloft! Like prone beast’s plated spine. Crests form a single shadow cast, and brindled peaks adorn ridge-line with ice where shade’s chill will not pass. Too, stripes of underlying … Read More

Midnight Outcast

Midnight Outcast by Sarah Griffin   The scene is dim these days and the buzz comes at a higher price than it did in earlier years   it is the terrible sign of growing older watching younger people doing things … Read More

The Gaze

The Gaze by Yingchen Yang   On the night of December 5th, 2017, in the very last scene of the Twelfth Night performance at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, the actor who played the Jester looked into my eyes and smiled … Read More


Pyriscence by Fiona Kennedy   Like branches stark against the night Entwined in time gone by Three roots align in static earth: The future, past, and I   And if these eyes regard the stars And trace the promised line … Read More

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