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Conjecture by Matt Phillips   In this place, which somersaults & crushes & loop-de-loops & (maybe) ((so I’m told)) bows — in the glow of this place, in the glow of the sun on the grass on the lawn beneath … Read More

To dance is to remember

To dance is to remember by Christopher Stein   To dance in the gardens at Topkapı is to stir up the breeze on the Dardanelles, and send the shepherds singing to the sea. You can taste antemurale christianitatis crumbling; the … Read More

social (me)dia

social (me)dia by Daanial Iqbal   georgetown classes. i sit but i do not rest, i hear but i do not listen. how can i pay so much yet learn so little   snap awake snap a chat; face my … Read More


Atlas by Christopher Stein   The higher you are, the closer you are to the gods enthroned in alabaster; but the closer you are to the gods, the farther afield you must flee to find yourself. At the edge of … Read More


Rockslide by Fiona Kennedy   Through rolling rush I dive as if to drown Where once, as children, we were strong and sure Recalling how I swore without a thought To run with you a thousand years and more If … Read More

Hymn to Gluttony

Hymn to Gluttony by Karena Landler   With my child-bearing hands, I imagine I could master that cruel pull of ribs, apart like fruit flesh stretching & crackling when those spindly rinds tear. Tell them it’s eloquent, the way my … Read More


Restoration by Christopher Stein   I paint my life impasto all too eager to find myself lost in lavender chasms gripping the edge of turquoise hillocks someday far away distant as the glint of the blast on the next horizon … Read More


Hospital by Amanda Nemecek   Heavy hallways and heavier walls: One foot falls as the other lifts to carry you farther, farther, farther until you’re slipping through cracks in the tile: Touch one, your mother suffers. Touch none, you suffer … Read More

October Tilling

October Tilling in five acts by Matt Phillips   I These are the long, rolling nights that stretch themselves out like cornfields, cruel enough & kind enough as to be unforgettable —- II Tonight, a band & a cigarette man. … Read More

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