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From a crossing below an alpine pass.

From a crossing below an alpine pass. by Robert Feiler   Aloft! Like prone beast’s plated spine. Crests form a single shadow cast, and brindled peaks adorn ridge-line with ice where shade’s chill will not pass. Too, stripes of underlying … Read More

Midnight Outcast

Midnight Outcast by Sarah Griffin   The scene is dim these days and the buzz comes at a higher price than it did in earlier years   it is the terrible sign of growing older watching younger people doing things … Read More

The Gaze

The Gaze by Yingchen Yang   On the night of December 5th, 2017, in the very last scene of the Twelfth Night performance at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, the actor who played the Jester looked into my eyes and smiled … Read More


Pyriscence by Fiona Kennedy   Like branches stark against the night Entwined in time gone by Three roots align in static earth: The future, past, and I   And if these eyes regard the stars And trace the promised line … Read More

the entertainment

the entertainment by Emily Arnold   The cake is in the oven biding time while I cook myself in the warm summer rain whipping through memories like a howling wind tearing water from the lake   these stolen dances are … Read More

Prometheus Saves Mankind With Fire

ΤΩ ΠΥΡΙ ΣΩΖΕΙ ΤΟΥΣ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΥΣ Ο ΠΡΟΜΗΘΕΥΣ (Prometheus saves mankind with fire) by Sasha Jovanovski   It little befits a king of life to love To destroy more than to create, but kings Are not kings if they sympathize. For … Read More


Fraternity by Katie Hyland   You get a text from Your best friend to tell you what she heard from Her sister about the brother Of your friend from middle school. Before Going to bed, you call your brother and … Read More


Entr’acte by Christopher Stein   I live my life in five acts, my smile like an abacus: calculating and full of gaps.   But, this is a lie. I do not smile.   I. The dentist is a motherfucker like … Read More

I want to die in winter

I want to die in winter by Christopher Stein   I want to die in winter because every shovel should be a fight so that they force their feet against it and sever the roots of frozen sap sickly sweet … Read More

Black Atlas.

Black Atlas. by Olayinka Martins   They call me, Black Atlas, cause even though it’s cool that you hold down your team, me, I plan to lift up everyone.   My brothers and I is, black panthers. That means we … Read More

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