The Gaze

by Yingchen Yang


On the night of December 5th, 2017, in the very last scene of the Twelfth Night performance at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, the actor who played the Jester looked into my eyes and smiled for more than an entire minute as he began to sing the ending song.


As if you perceived my almost tangible unwillingness to leave. Those glistening, sardonic eyes I stared at throughout the show have now turned to look on me.

With the most comforting smile, you created a reality

known only to you and me.


Two whole hours of frivolous dreams. Lasting laughters in countless scenes. But no more of all these.

Minutes before my returning to a world of “the wind and the rain,”

your sweet gaze has paralyzed me. Henceforth all my sorrows shall find relief. Enclose me eternally.

Stretch this fleeting dream with you into all I will be.

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