by Fiona Kennedy


Through rolling rush I dive as if to drown
Where once, as children, we were strong and sure
Recalling how I swore without a thought
To run with you a thousand years and more

If I were strong enough to turn the tide back,
I’d know you from the cradle to the grave
But I can only wander and remember
As drops of you return to me in waves

I cannot mark you down in facts or figures,
Or teach another soul to read your signs
You marked the cliffs with steps from home to highland
And colored me with dandelion wine

So now I hold the heather like an anchor,
Still moored here like a ship not built to sail
We tethered two, through memory and miles,
Can cast one shadow here, beyond the pale

But stun me, move me, rock me off my footing
Break anything dividing you from me
Make oceans rise and mountains fall beneath them
And storm me ‘til the earth is lost at sea

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