Sounds Like Poetry

by Leonor Morrow


It’s a wonderful feeling not pressing the skip button when listening to my Spotify playlist.


Too often, I have found myself skimming over once-loved songs and still-memorised lyrics.

Too often, I have sighed at sheet music that I once longed to play by heart.


I would never have imagined myself tiring of Billy Joel and Vance Joy,

but lately there have been days when even Vienna doesn’t comfort me.

When nothing can satisfy my ears.


When I have to scroll down Facebook for hours

just to experience the feeling of liking again.


I can measure my restlessness by the searches on my Google Chrome history.

How each entry sounds wistful and just a bit nostalgic—

When added together, they almost sound like poetry.


Yesterday, I was worried that it would always be this way.

That I would never dance to Brown Eyed Girl or Twist and Shout ever again.


Yesterday, it was even difficult for me to appreciate the sound of rain,

the hum of city buses,

the static on my boyfriend’s alarm clock radio.


But today, miraculously, comes relief.

Today, I haven’t pressed the skip button once.


The sun is shining for the fourth day in a row.

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